Using the DEMATEL Technique to Evaluate Causality: A Blockchain Technology in Supply Chains Application

Professor Joseph (Joe) Sarkis

Joseph Sarkis is a Professor within the Foisie Business School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Buffalo. He teaches and researches on business and the natural environment with a focus on operations and supply chain management. He has about 400 publications in academic peer reviewed journals and books. He is the editor of IEEE Engineering Management Review and an associate editor or editorial board member of numerous journals. Prof. Sarkis has been recognized as a Highly Cited Researcher by the Web-of-Science (Clarivate Analytics) and as the world’s most productive scholar in Supply Chain Management from 1995-2015. He has been a visiting scholar and lecturer in universities throughout the world including China, Brazil, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Egypt, Hungary, and Finland.


In this workshop we will overview various issues related to barriers of implementing blockchain technology for sustainable supply chains.  The barriers are expected to be interrelated to each other.  To determine the interrelationships and influence the DEMATEL technique will be used.  The workshop will include an overview of the DEMATEL approach and its potential application for decision making, theory building, and causal mapping. The analytical technique is relatively straightforward to apply and has been used in numerous studies. Some of the latest thought on the tool and its application will be discussed in the workshop.  A hands-on exercise, that will be used to gather data for a study, will be used. The hands-on exercise will be for determination of relationships amongst general barriers grouped into organizational, inter-organizational, technological, and external barriers will be evaluated by workshop participants. The methodology and some of its limitations, based on the experience and understanding of the workshop participants will be discussed.  In addition to a discussion of the methodology, the role of Blockchain technology will form a good portion of the workshop.


- Structure of the workshop

The workshop will begin with an overview of DEMATEL and Blockchain Technology.  Moveable tables in a small group breakouts will be needed. Each group will be asked to complete a DEMATEL survey instrument, as a hands-on exercise.  Discussion will occur during and after the exercise.


- Benefits of the PDW for IPSERA delegates

The IPSERA delegates will be exposed to a tool that can help in their research and teaching.  They will also be informed and discuss content related to Blockchain technology, an emergent and important technology and practice for supply chain management.