The Impact of the IoT on Purchasing and Supply Management

Professor Hervé Legenvre, EIPM, France

Professor Michael Henke, Fraunhoffer Iml

Prof. Dr. Herbert Ruile University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland 


The aim of this PDW is to spark discussions amongst academics and practitioners about research opportunities related to the impact of the Internet of Things, Digitalisation and Enterprise 4.0 on Purchasing and Supply Management (PSM). We intend to run an exploratory, interactive workshop though a series of facilitated discussions which aim at answering the following questions:

  • How will the Internet of Things impact on existing business practices and on a broad range of traditional PSM topics studied by academics?
  • Looking at the development of the Internet of Things, what could be new relevant domains and topic of investigation for the PSM academic community?
  • What are the most promising theoretical foundations and research methodologies that could support the development of research on the impact of IoT on PSM?


Benefits of the PDW for IPSERA delegates

  • As the internet of Things and digitalisation are transforming the division of labour along supply chain, this PDW is an opportunity for academics and practitioners to engage in a discussion on the Impact of the Internet of Things on the PSM function.
  • The exploratory activities conducted during the workshop shall help academics identify new research and relevant research questions and identify opportunities for research collaboration
  • Practitioners are very welcome as their input would be very valuable to the discussion

The session will be an opportunity to engage IPSERA members in one of the recently launched Special Interest Group