IPSERA 2018 Annual Conference

Purchasing & Supply Management for a Sustainable World

Athens, Greece, 25-28 March 2018


Instructions to Chair a session at the Conference

Thank you for agreeing to act as a session chair at the IPSERA 2018 conference. The following guidelines for chairing sessions are provided to ensure a smooth running conference.

Prior to Your Session

  • Meet with the support staff of the conference prior to your session to confirm the room of the session you are chairing, to review the workings of the power point projector, the lights and AV equipment, etc.
  • Meet with all your speakers before the start of your session and remind them of their time limitations. Describe to your speakers the method you will use to notify them when they are nearing their presentation time limit and how you will interrupt them if they have reached the end of their allotted time. Is up to you as the Session Chair to ensure that all speakers receive (but do not exceed) their allotted time and that the audience has opportunity for their questions and comments.
  • Inform your speakers of the exact time that each of their talks are to begin, and remind them that attendees are free to get up and move to another session after each talk. A couple of minutes should be allocated for this anticipated movement of people from session to session. Further explain that because of this expected movement, it is particularly important for each talk to finish on time and for the next speaker to begin at the appropriate time (even if the previous speaker ends early).
  • Commence each presentation at the advertised time. If there is a cancellation, no-show or technical problem with a specific paper, please do not bring forward any paper scheduled for later in your session.
  • You can help facilitate a smooth change between speakers by asking the speakers to have their presentations uploaded on the laptop that will be in the classroom at the beginning of the session. In order to ensure this, please ensure each presentation length is in line with the following time table:


Competitive Paper

Working/Practitioner Paper


20 minutes

15 minutes


5 minutes

5 minutes


25 minutes

20 minutes


During Each Presentation

  • Please indicate to each speaker when they have 5 minutes and 2 minutes of their presentation time remaining.

At the End of the Session

  • If you are chairing a Competitive Papers’ session, please pass the reviews of the papers to the conference support staff indicating, the session’s title and time.

Thank you again for agreeing to help and assume responsibility for the sessions.