Reviewing Workshop


Target Audience: This workshop is targeted at anyone who is interested in serving as a reviewer for an academic journal.  It is particularly focused on those with no or limited reviewing experience and for those who want to improve their reviewing skills.  Reviewing manuscripts helps you to become a better author.


Content: The workshop will contain a mix of presentations, discussions and hands-on activities. The following is a list of topics:


  • Why serve as a reviewer?
    • Benefits for the journal
    • Benefits for the reviewer
    • Responsibilities of scholarly citizenship
  • The ethics of reviewing
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Working within your expertise
    • Consideration of multiple approaches
    • Intellectual property protection
  • Key questions to consider in reviewing an article, detailed list of specific questions to think about, development of two key summary evaluations:
    • Does this manuscript make an interesting and significant contribution to the literature?
    • How much work would be required for it to make an interesting and significant contribution?
  • Template for reporting review results to authors and editors
    • Strengths
    • Three plus or minus one primary concerns
    • Suggestions for improvement
    • Smaller problems identified during the review
    • Conclude with a positive statement
  • What constitutes a fatal flaw? Making a decision about whether to recommend rejection or revision
  • Writing style: how to craft a written review that it is:
    • Professional
    • Developmental
    • Respectful of authors’ dignity
    • Supportive of collegiality
    • Rigorous, consistent with journal’s standards


There will be time for discussion and questions!  Representatives from supply chain journals will be available for questions and offering advice to participants.