Assistant Professor George Malindretos

Assistant Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Harokopio University of Athens, Greece, School of Environment and Applied Economics, Department of Home Economics and Ecology. He holds a Civil Engineer Degree with specialization in Transport Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, MSc Logistics and Transportation, Cranfield University, UK and Ph.D. in Business Process Re-engineering, Panteion University of Athens. He has participated in many projects as consultant or responsible in business plans of introducing Logistics and building-up SCM in retailing and in a number of Greek manufacturing and multinational companies. With 15 years of teaching experience in Logistics in various Universities and more than 200 hours in business managers and staff seminars, he has presented a big number of papers in international scientific conferences, while he was awarded with the distinction of  ‘best paper’ in a European Conference in Slovenia (MIC 2011). He has published a number of articles in scientific journals on various issues, while recently he edited the book titled ‘Markets, Business and Sustainability’ (Bentham Publishers, UK), with the participation of distinguished academics from all over the world.